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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rabbit-man cares about minorities

Now I know what you all may think, "Rabbit-man is too busy saving the world and recording his adventures in his blog to care about us little people." Well all you people are wrong I rabbit-man care about minorities on every Sunday and Thursday. So who will I chronicle today? What small unappreciated minority will I inspire everyone to care about today?
I'll give you all a minute to contemplate..............
Today I, Rabbit-Man will acknowledge the Vegetarians.
The vegetarians seem to be a misunderstood people. I myself used to think they were crazy until I visited the I Hate pork blog. While I may not agree with their terrorist leanings (why must you show pictures of your group blowing up stuff in the mountains), I do agree with their message, as my blogging colleague Vicious Dreamer said, "pork can clog arteries, and I wish I was half as smart and talented as the amazing rabbit man" Wow vicious dreamer I didn't know you thought I was so great, but remember it's Rabbit-man not Rabbit man that dash makes a difference. So in conclusion every one please visit the I hate Pork blog. To do so just click on Francisco Bolivar I think he commented somewhere on this page.


Blogger Francisco Bolivar said...

You care about minorities? Yeah? How much? Are you willing to risk your life for them? Huh? Are you willing to join the American Red Army Faction?

Sun Jan 29, 06:36:00 PM

Blogger Rabbit-man said...

Hah Francisco you better watch out I'm becoming as popular as you on this blog. Why would I join that blog, I already have one. No. you know what I'm way too cool for the american red army faction. Maybe I would join if it was the Half Drunk bar fighting Irishmen red army faction, but not the american red army faction. It would destroy my street cred.

Sun Jan 29, 07:55:00 PM

Blogger Rabbit-man said...

Besides I can't join the army I have flat feet.

Sun Jan 29, 09:41:00 PM

Blogger vicious dreamer said...

Wuss. Can't even join the army, all because of a flat feet. What's the point of caring if you can't do anything about it?

Mon Jan 30, 08:38:00 PM

Blogger Rabbit-man said...

Who said I cared
Vicious dreamer all you are is some punk kid who wishes he could be as great as I THe amazing Rabbit-man. You said it your self, I quoted you in my post. SO you want to call me a wuss what does that make you? I'll tell you what that makes you that makes you a loser. No you Know what you're a Phony a big fat PHONY.

Mon Jan 30, 09:08:00 PM

Blogger vicious dreamer said...

Doesn't your title says that "Rabbit-man cares about minorities"?
And I really have hard time following what you are trying to say.

Mon Jan 30, 10:31:00 PM

Blogger Rabbit-man said...

THis post was written before I realized that I hate the I HATE PORKERS, please disregard everything I have said about them in this post, except for the part about them being terrorists, because they are.

Wed Feb 01, 07:37:00 PM

Blogger Rabbit-man said...

Francisco are you some kind of punk that only reads the title of the post and then comments on it.

You should read your little friend vicious dreamer's report on people like you. It is called .....and that's why harry potter is classified as a Nazi.
I'm not calling you a nazi, the article is just about people like you people who do not read the articles they comment on.

Sun Feb 05, 06:09:00 PM


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