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Monday, January 14, 2008

The best songs of Sweeney Todd

Well if any of you pay attention to crappy award shows that are announced in newsreel format, then you will know that Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd has recieved, several awards, for generally being the most awesome film ever. In other words everyone knows that Sweeney Todd is awesome, but what some nerds who like music may argue about, when they aren't jamming out to guitar hero (and consequently looking like dumbasses), are the songs in Sweeney Todd, particularly which are the best. Well luckily for all of you I Rabbit-man have personally catalogued all of them, and have come up with the four most awesomest songs from the movie. Why four, I don't know five felt too unoriginal I guess. Now you may be saying to yourself, "Wow I would surely pay at least $3.99 american to read what Rabbit-man thinks about stuff", but don't worry today friend, cuz I totally got your back this article is free to read (you will all pay later when you are enslaved, in my global peacekeeping task force. Wait I haven't talked about my plans to rule the world yet. Oh well you'll know what I'm talking about soon enough. teeheehee)

So in the great american tradition of arbitrarily applying numbers to things and putting them in a list in descending order, I present the best songs from Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd.

4. By the Sea:
It's hard to judge these songs on just sound, and lyrics, since they are all tied to the expert cinematography of the movie, and this song makes this list just because of the hilarious imagery presented throughout the song. Even though Johnny Depp doesn't even sing in this song he still makes it all the better with his sullen looks of despair.

3. Johanna reprise:
I believe this song comes towards the end of the movie, do not confuse this with the song at the beginning of the movie. I think if you were to describe any of the songs from sweeney todd the best word would have to be schizophrenic, and this one, and maybe epiphany are the most outlandishly schizophrenic songs in the movie. Great singing by Johnny Depp and that guy who kind of looks like Keira Knightley from a distance places this song firmly at number 3 on this list.

2. A little Priest:
"Not since Johnathan Swift's a modest proposal has the thought of eating people seemed so fun, and appetizing." There Tim Burton that quote ought to be on the back of the DVD cover. Wait I'm supposed to talk about the song, yes this is a great song, and I'm surprised that Johnny Depp, and Helena Bohnham Carter were able to pull off singing a song about eating people without going insane, or dying of laughter. In fact who wrote this song anyway Stephen Sondenheim or something, AMerican Idol should hire that guy to write songs for the contestants to sing, that would be amazing.

1. Epiphany:
When I first heard this song in the movie theater I couldn't stop smiling, it's so delightfully perverse, and insane that it's just great. This song in my opinion is the culmination of the entire movie, combining memorable lines from previous songs to create a memorable medley that had me in awe the whole time. But honestly this song had me at "We all deserve to die".

I may start updating this blog semi-regularly, I don't really know if anyone reads this crap, but if you do prepare. I will probably be writting about a bunch of Tim Burton movies, which probably makes me an honorary goth or something like that.