Rabbit-man, The "only reason you're around the cryptozoologists is because you are a FREAK, who needs to be researched, along with chupacabras, and magical frogs. That's why they put you in a cage, and observe you, RABBIT-MAN. That's just it. I'm a human, you're a rabbit-man. You're an unexplained creature, and needs to be lobotomized. That's all."-Vicous Dreamer

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Vicious Dreamer Man or Pig-hating Devil man

I have been sitting on this story for quite some time now, but I have decided to reveal it, because you, the reading public, need to know.
As anyone who follows my blog religiously may know I have recently made enemies with an insane cult of vegetarian-terrorists, known as the I HATE PORKers, and for quite some time I have been trying to warn the public about the I HATE PORKers, and their nefarious ways. You people may have also paid attention to my various intellectual battles with the man known as Vicious Dreamer, who thinks he is a greater cryptozoologist than me. I'll just let the shock of that sink in..........
Anyways Vicous dreamer constantly mentions his "team of cryptozoologists", and I was never able to figure out who they were until now. You see, vicious dreamer is an I HATE PORKer, and they are part of his Cryptozoology team.
Now it all makes sense. The I HATE PORKers knew that I was on to them, and they sent their mindless, brainwashed pawn vicious dreamer to my blog, to destroy my credibility, and after several epic debates Vicious Dreamer almost did just that.
Anyway my point is the I HATE PORKers will do anything to stop their enemies, even blow stuff up, and I for one will be paying careful attention to any ticking noises I hear from now on. This message has to get out the I HATE PORKers are trying to take over the world, and you might be next.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rabbit-man cares about minorities

Now I know what you all may think, "Rabbit-man is too busy saving the world and recording his adventures in his blog to care about us little people." Well all you people are wrong I rabbit-man care about minorities on every Sunday and Thursday. So who will I chronicle today? What small unappreciated minority will I inspire everyone to care about today?
I'll give you all a minute to contemplate..............
Today I, Rabbit-Man will acknowledge the Vegetarians.
The vegetarians seem to be a misunderstood people. I myself used to think they were crazy until I visited the I Hate pork blog. While I may not agree with their terrorist leanings (why must you show pictures of your group blowing up stuff in the mountains), I do agree with their message, as my blogging colleague Vicious Dreamer said, "pork can clog arteries, and I wish I was half as smart and talented as the amazing rabbit man" Wow vicious dreamer I didn't know you thought I was so great, but remember it's Rabbit-man not Rabbit man that dash makes a difference. So in conclusion every one please visit the I hate Pork blog. To do so just click on Francisco Bolivar I think he commented somewhere on this page.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Time to Set Things Straight

People have been debating me on whether chupacabras suck goat blood. Some people have suggested it was an insane vampire, or the Goatman and the magical frog.
Well here are some thoughts on those horribly wrong ideas, and why my theory withstands the tests of time and logic
1.The Goatman would never resort to cannabalism
2.What would the magical frog use to suck the blood with huh huh huh
3.The chupacabras lives in Puerto Rico where it sucks the blood of goats. The Goatman lives in Washington D.C. how does he get to Puerto Rico huh huh does he swim there.
4.People have actually seen the Chupacabras unlike this magical frog or Vampires
5. Science has proven that magical frogs hate the tropical conditions of Puerto Rico, and that the Goatman prefers colder climates even though he commutes to Texas every now and then.
6.Vampires do not eat animals they eat people that's why they are vampires

Fullmetal alchemist Ep. 44

This might be kind of a spoiler if you haven't seen this episode
Plot summary from Tv.com
"Hohenhiem of Light", an alchemist of extraordinary talent, returns to Risembool after an absence of more then ten years. His appearance infuriates Ed, who wants nothing to do with him. However, Hohenhiem reveals to Mustang and Al the secrets of the Homunuculi. Meanwhile, the leader of the Homunculus has gathered them together to join in the hunt for the Elrics. "

Pretty good episode a little slow in the beggining and a little too much commedy for my taste, but still good for an anime. I'd give it about a B+
Pro-Really good cliffhanger, some secrets revealed, More stuff about the dad been waiting 42 episodes for that
Cons-first part of show, not funny comedy, I want to see more

let the people speak

One thing I have noticed about blogs is that in order to be popular you must make enemies. As of this posting my profile has a total of 18 views. So in order to broaden my horizons I shall say that I hate everything about the Animal planet channel hAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha............ So now people come here and debate me I have created controversy let the page views increase. Can you begin a sentence with so?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Why fma is better than Evangelion (Now without logic

So I was surfing the internets the other day when I see some punk who made an Evangelion page on blog spot. I kind of like Evangelion so I click on it, and what do I find A BUNCH OF PICTURES come on why just put up a bunch of pictures it makes no sense, if I wanted to see Evangelion pictures I would go to google images and type in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Come on man write something about it GEEZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Huh oh yeah so my point is why did underworld revolution do so well at the box office anyway.